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How to ensure biodiversity data are FAIR, linked, open and future-proof? Policy makers and research funders receive expert recommendations from the BiCIKL project
May 2024
EU-funded Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library (BiCIKL) project sums up outcomes and future prospects at a Final GA in Cambridge
February 2024
A new way to browse interlinked biodiversity data: The Biodiversity Knowledge Hub is now online!
July 2023
One Biodiversity Knowledge Hub to link them all: the BiCIKL project 2nd General Assembly
November 2022
BiCIKL Project wraps up the first year of integrating FAIR data on biodiversity
May 2022
New BiCIKL project to build a freeway between pieces of biodiversity knowledge
September 2021
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Project presentation


SpASe - a specimen search engine

Attachment: spase_2_2_final.mp4, 35.88 MB

SpASe - a specimen search engine


PlutoF - Curation of DNA sequences


Arpha Writing Tool 2.0


BiotXplorer - Biotic Interactions Browser


Biodiversity PMC by Sibils


Biodiversity Literature Repository


Treatment Bank - Access point to data and bidirectional links liberated and made from publication


Synospiecies - Explorer for taxonomic name synonymies and augmentations


Biodiversity Knowledge Graph of Linked Open Data extracted from literature


LifeBlock by LifeWatch ERIC




Nanopublications for biodiversity


BKH introduction video


Henrik Nilsson project presentation


David Fichtmueller, Berlin Botanic Garden

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-03-Fictmueller.mp4, 121.06 MB

Visotheary Ung, TDWG

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-12-UNG.mp4, 42.88 MB

Olaf Banki, Catalogue of Life / Species 2000

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-15-Banki.mp4, 91.47 MB

Boris Barov, Pensoft

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-11-Barov.mp4, 92.74 MB

Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez, Zenodo/CERN

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-09-Benito.mp4, 132.24 MB

Andrea Troncoso, Elixir Europe

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-07-Troncoso.mp4, 75.32 MB

Lyubomir Penev, Pensoft Publishers, Coordinator of BiCIKL

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-10-Penev.mp4, 108.37 MB

Urmas Kõljalg, PultoF, University of Tartu

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-02-Koljalg.mp4, 100.56 MB

Christos Arvanitidis, LifeWatch ERIC

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-13-Arvanitidis.mp4, 70.29 MB

Sofie Meeus, Plantentuin Meise

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-06-Meeus.mp4, 163.94 MB

Ana Casino, CETAF Executive Director

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-04-Casino.mp4, 101.06 MB

Wouter Addink, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-01-Addink.mp4, 207.76 MB

David Fichtmueller, Berlin Botanic Garden



Visual identity guide

  • Overall structure of the proposal across pillars

  • PERT chart showing the relationship between the work packages

  • A diagram showing the management structure of BiCIKL

  • Conceptual framework for FAIR data acquisition

  • Policy Brief: Uniting FAIR data through interlinked, machine-actionable infrastructures

  • Policy Brief: Liberate the power of biodiversity literature as FAIR digital objects

  • Factsheet: Access to data and bidirectional links liberated and made from publications

  • Factsheet: ENA Notebooks

  • Factsheet: ENA Cross Reference Search

  • Factsheet: Biodiversity Knowledge Hub

  • Factsheet: Explorer for taxonomic name synonymies and augmentations

  • Factsheet: Sharing FAIR data liberated from publications

  • Factsheet: Specimen and Material Citation Matching Services

  • Factsheet: Curation of DNA Sequences

  • Factsheet: Biotic Interactions Browser

  • Factsheet: Federated and Semantic Search in Research Infrastructures

  • Factsheet: Nanopublications for Biodiversity

  • Factsheet: OpenBiodiv

  • Factsheet: ARPHA Writing Tool 2.0