Advanced methods for semantic publishing: ENROL NOW to our Workshop!

29 June 2023

Last days to apply for this meaningful workshop on advanced methods for semantic publishing

The workshop will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 14 and 15 of September 2023

Purpose of workshop:

The workshop is an opportunity to discuss why and to demonstrate how to publish semantically enhanced and linked publications. It will be a mixture of presentations, discussions and technical/practical sessions on implementing workflows. 

Topics that will be covered:

  • The current status of semantic publishing, and how we can use it to provide further data for addressing the current biodiversity crisis.
  • How natural history institutions can use semantic publishing, and data outputs to help build their research strategies. 
  • Showcase the exciting new semantic publishing tools currently available in semantic publishing and the status quo of moving from open access to fair data. 
  • Linking external data resources and the role of publications as the seeds for building knowledge graphs (BiCIKL). 
  • Hands-on technical session on how the different semantic publishing tools and workflow work: ARPHA, Métotaxa, Plazi workflow

Expected results/outcomes:

  • Increase practical understanding of how to implement semantic publishing workflows.
  • Establishing possible ways to collaborate in further developments of semantic publishing and providing innovative tools and support mechanisms (e.g. capacity building, recommendations).  
  • Raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities of semantic publishing for publishers.

Raise awareness of why semantic publishing is important for biological science research in preventing biodiversity decline.

Call for participants:

Biodiversity publishers are invited to apply by writing to the responsible person - Laurence Benichou at no later than 5 July 2023.