Banki, from Catalogue of Life: "Creating a common service for all is amazing"

16 September 2022

Today we get to know Olaf Bánki, the Executive Secretary of Catalogue of Life (COL) / Species 2000.

What about COL?

So we are involved; Catalogue of Life has already for more than twenty years been making a global species list of all living organisms in the world. 

So, why BiCIKL?

What we’d like in BiCIKL is to create one common service for all, how do you say, species names for other infrastructures. 

What's the added value of this project for you?

The added value of BiCIKL is that there are several infrastructures sitting around the table that have been, you know, delivering services to users for many years. And we just like the idea of working more closely together, and making biodiversity data services for users easier and, how do you say, more helpful.