Barov, Pensoft: "In BiCIKL we are stronger together than individually"

2 September 2022

Today we are listening to Boris Barov, who working for Pensoft Publishers. Pensoft is the BiCIKL Project Leader.

"The bicycle is a perfect combination between a machine and a human, and it is also sustainable. And so, this project is about creating the perfect combination between technology and researchers, so that’s a very good reason to 'ride a BiCIKL'."

What's the added value of this project?

The added value is that by working together, the researchers and research infrastructures who participate in BiCIKL, from fifteen different organizations, will be able to offer something together, which is more than what they offer individually. And for researchers, and for science in general, this will bring new opportunities. These new opportunities are going to be opening new horizons for researchers, and they will speed up the processes so that [biodiversity] research can catch up with technology. 

Let's make an example.

Yes: every year, zoologists discover between 18 – 20 thousand new species of animals, or plants, and so on. They describe them in scientific papers, but it takes a lot of time for these discoveries to be registered in different domains, databases, and infrastructures so that they become available to other researchers. With BiCIKL, this process will become much quicker, and these new discoveries will be available instantly to other people to re-use them and continue the research.