Berlin Botanic Garden: "BiCIKL will increase our pace"

14 October 2022

Today we meet David Fichtmueller from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin:

"We are one of the many natural history collections that are providing specimens for BiCIKL. We hope to improve our collection management systems so that the users have better ways of getting from our specimens to the other linked infrastructures, and hope that, on the other side, those other infrastructures also link back to our specimens and that their users can find our specimens in an easier, more direct way."

Why are you riding this BiCIKL?

"In the last few years, we have seen a lot of really good projects that come from linking between the different components in the biodiversity domain. And we have taken steps in the right direction, but now it is time to improve the pace and this is why I think BiCIKL is a good project to head in the right direction even faster."

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