How BiCIKL can help molecular ecology

6 March 2023

The BiCIKL Project was born to the existing gaps with tools and linkages to make the scientists' work easier and quicker - and more complete - thanks to shared libraries of data. There has been a gap identified in the molecular ecology database landscape, which is the lack of structured data repositories for metagenomics and metabarcoding-derived data. In particular, for the deposition of matrix data referring to the occurrences of genes and species. In the scope of the project BiCIKL, we aim to develop the necessary submission tools for the structured deposition of this data with input from the community.

This round table - organized by EMBL’s European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and CETAF for the 7th of March, 2023 - is an opportunity to bring together a selected group of experts in molecular ecology data to:

  • Introduce our plans for the molecular ecology repository, exposing the underlying data and metadata model, the requirements and potential submission routes. 
  • Gather feedback from experts working in metagenomics and environmental metabarcoding on how this data repository responds to their needs and requirements and what other additional features/requirements should also be considered
  • Ensure that all relevant data and metadata standards are being followed in this data repository
  • Collaborate in the development of the tools/workflows that will contribute to increasing the reusability and interoperability of molecular ecology data

Expected outcomes

  • Agree on a functional structured model for metagenomics and metabarcoding-derived data submission
  • Establish and reinforce collaborations in data standards and interoperability of molecular ecology data

The roundtable will be held at the EMBL-EBI Wellcome Genome Campus near Cambridge and will host experts from EMBL-EBI/ENA, Pensoft, GBIF, UCSD, University of Tartu, CETAF, UPF-CSIC, UNESCO, Naturalis, ZFMK, VLIZ, University of Duisburg, ELIXIR and AWI for Polar and Marine Research.

We'll be updating you on the outcomes, so stay tuned on our Social Media channels!