Once you've learned to ride the BiCIKL... you should teach the others!

10 March 2023

By the time the BiCIKL project is approaching its closing stage, the Biodiversity Knowledge Hub (BKH) will be a great new platform to extract data from! That is, given that you are able to use it. 

So, that's why CETAF, as the leader of Task T2.3 (on training), is focusing on the development of the training framework for the Hub, the end-product of the Horizon 2020 project. 

Our work started much before the first workshop held on 20 December 2022 with all the Work Package 2 (Defining and co-designing the Biodiversity Knowledge Hub and operational training) partners, where we started identifying the training needs required for effectively accessing and using the BKH. Furthermore, the discussion, which arose from the workshop helped define the necessary parameters of the training program under BKH, as well as to set up the workflows under the task.

To set up the training strategy, we'll be going through three main phases, in alignment with the key milestones toward the final deliverable scheduled for October 2023. 

The first phase, which has already been running since the beginning of February, and will go on until the end of April, will deliver the training methodology and conceptual framework in the form of a reference document. It will also take into consideration input from relevant partners via the milestones. 

The second phase, which is about to commence in early May and continue until the end of August, will see the establishment of the training platform (including the catalogue of services) and the delivery of the generic module.

Finally, during the third phase (September and October), the training program for capacity building will be delivered as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). 

Throughout all the phases, CETAF will be continuously monitoring the development of the dependencies. The BiCIKL partner will also liaise with the relevant work packages and other stakeholders, in order to ensure a constant inflow of input towards the development of the training material.