Standardise biodiversity data and win the B-cubed hackathon!

9 November 2023

B-Cubed is excited to announce that it is now accepting project submissions for its upcoming Hackathon. Participants are invited to submit their projects related to biodiversity data until 17 December 2023.

B-Cubed’s hackathon will take place between 2-5 April 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. This dynamic four-day event will bring together coders and non-coders alike, uniting minds with a common goal: standardising biodiversity data to enhance efficiency and accessibility. Together, we’ll harness the power of data visualisation to empower policymakers in making informed decisions about global biodiversity. 

The main idea behind the Hackathon is to experiment with data cubes and channel creativity into innovative solutions for a variety of biodiversity challenges. Kicking off the competition, there will be a presentation to refresh everyone on the concept of data cubes. Throughout the event, a panel of experts will also be on hand to guide up to an hour each day.

In teams, Hackathon participants will pitch their ideas to a jury panel. The top three teams that excel in efficiently integrating cubes, developing innovative solutions to address obstacles, and effectively visualising their work for policymakers will be declared the winners.

Find out more about the Hackathon and start working on your project here.