[VIDEO] Penev: "BiCIKL embodies Pensoft's vision and mission"

8 July 2022

Seville was the first physical meeting for the BiCIKL's partners, since the project was started during a pandemic. The Coordinator, Lyubomir Penev from Pensoft Publishers is positive about the inheritance that BiCIKL will leave:

"BiCIKL completely corresponds to the mission and vision of Pensoft. And that mission and vision are that we try to publish biodiversity information in a way that it turns into Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable –or what we also call ‘FAIR’– data" - he says - "Pensoft is well-known for its innovation in the field, and now I really hope and believe that BiCIKL will help us –and also the other partners– to complete the entire lifecycle for biodiversity data: starting from original resources, then going through peer review, editorial management, publication, and then again linking back to the original source of this information."

What's the added value for Pensoft to participate in this Project?

"The added value is that Pensoft is to improve its existing tools and develop new tools to serve the community, to pursue that goal I just described: that is to publish not just narrative, not just PDFs, but to publish information that is reusable for the other researchers in the future."