WHO WON OUR CALL: Anne Thessen from USA

9 August 2023
We keep on presenting you with the winners of BiCIKL's call for projects. Today we introduce Anne Thessen, from the University of Colorado Anschutz.
She led a project entitled: "Catalysing a culture change in the way biodiversity data are published using the unique semantic publishing workflow of the Biodiversity Data Journal"

Anne, how did you get to know BiCIKL and this call?

Word of mouth through the biodiversity informatics community.

Oh, the old way! And why did you apply here, to address what challenge/need?

My research is focused on large-scale data integration and reuse. Much of my time is spent trying to integrate existing data when this could be much better accomplished by data producers using semantic tools to link specimens, sequences, taxon names, traits, literature, and the infrastructures that manage these data classes. We applied to BiCIKL to produce FAIR biodiversity content that can be harvested and re-used directly from the publications.

How BiCIKL would help to address your need or challenge?

By supporting an article collection in the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ), BiCIKL will increase awareness of data practices that promote linking and reuse. This article collection will provide exemplars of how data linking across the biodiversity research cycle can stimulate new knowledge that can be provided to users through several different access points. In addition, the more data that are linked, the more useful the overall resource becomes.

Who will benefit from your project?

Beneficiaries of this project will include any researcher who needs to integrate heterogeneous data to answer a previously unanswerable biodiversity question, especially the BDJ community of users. The impact on the specific communities of practice related to the articles to be published could be major.

What will you consider a success for your project?

Success for our project would be one or more articles in BDJ that generate new knowledge or answers a question that was unanswerable before the data were linked.

How will you resume your project in one sentence?

With the support of BiCIKL, we aim to catalyze a culture of data linking in biodiversity through innovative semantic publishing.

Thank you very much, and good luck for your project!