Zenodo: "We hope to make the BiCIKL ride very smooth..."

19 August 2022

Today we are meeting Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez, representing Zenodo

Zenodo is a multi-disciplinary repository that is hosted at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Can you tell us something more about Zenodo?

"Zenodo is a service for any researcher out there to share their datasets from any domain and from anywhere around the world. And then, we provide a PID, a DOI, to make this research citable and findable.”

How can you contribute to the BiCIKL project?

“So we collaborate with Plazi in a very concrete and specific use case. Zenodo provides the backend for all the data that Plazi is extracting from literature. What we hope from this BiCIKL is that it makes it a very smooth ride to improve this workflow in a way that the community can benefit from it.”

... And what do you find interesting in BiCIKL?

“From our point of view as a generalist repository, we find it very interesting to see that the service we provide can be of use for specific and concrete domains and disciplines. And biodiversity has a complex use case and we definitely are helping in some of the challenges that BiCIKL is trying to solve.”